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Hello friends,

It has been quite some time since I have posted here, and there is a good reason - I just haven't had the time!

That's also a bad reason :-(

Writers know that between hectic schedules, writer's block, happy times, and melancholy moods there just aren't enough hours in the day to sit down and write something worthwhile. Yet, thousands of professional writers make time every day. While you may not be a full-time professional writer who has nothing to do all day except record your musings, you are old enough and wise enough to schedule time for those things that you really want to do.

(Pausing for all rolling of eyes, smacking of teeth, and the occasional light bulb going off in someone's head.)

If you commit to writing more often and you hold yourself to your own commitment, you can fit more in each day than you knew you could. Schedule a time to write instead of just trying to do it when the mood hits you (trust me, that mood won't hit for weeks sometimes). Re-evaluate what you do each day and how much time you spend doing it; you may be able to cut some fat there. Dream, and then awake from dreaming to the desires you have that are related to your writing goals.

But you know all this stuff, right?

I know you do; I know it, too. However, we all need to have our memories refreshed to the tenets of good writing and time management. Even with all of the latest communication technologies making it easier and easier to both record and publish your thoughts, the hardest thing for a writer to do is make time to write. I therefore now believe that the true key to becoming a better writer is simply committing to becoming a better writer.

Sure, I'm preaching to choir, but as a soprano I can tell you - the choir needs a good sermon, too.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will be blogging again soon,

I.C. Jackson

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