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You know that you are speeding along the information superhighway when one of the hottest social networking websites around, Twitter, restricts your correspondence to messages of 140 characters or LESS. How on earth do you market yourself, socialize, and craft meaningful relationships when you can only post a couple sentences at a time? While I'm an advocate for saying more with less, Twitter really forces you to do so. Twitter is a great marketing and list building tool, but many users do not leverage it for all it's worth because the concept simply leaves them scratching their heads.

So, Web 2.0 enthusiasts find themselves asking the information age old question: "How do you effectively express yourself in only 140 characters?"

You can indeed build a solid web presence with Twitter in your online social networking arsenal, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to reach people with so few words. Here are seven ways to pack some power into your Twitter tweets and reach more people online!

1) Think before you post - then speak your mind. The first rule of Twitter is to tweet strategically. Since you only have 140 characters to sell yourself or an idea, so you don't want to waste even one character with fluff, dribble, or anything ineffective. Although you may choose to 'let your hair down' sometimes and tweet about something mundane or insignificant, you should still put a certain spin on it. Whatever your objectives are on Twitter, tweet from that angle or with that goal in mind - even if you are just talking about your breakfast.

For example, if you are a health expert, instead of tweeting,

Eating a bowl of very healthy cereal. Yum :-)

You could tweet this:

Making the most important meal of the day count - gotta preserve the temple :-)

Find your angle, and work it! It will help you to say a lot more with fewer words.

2) Share valuable web resources and info.
Contribute to the Twitterverse, and that good "Twitter Karma" will come back to you! If you're a giver, you will be rewarded with more followers and you'll gain more social capital along the way. Don't burden your tweeps with every single little article you come across, but if you think that it can add value to the lives of others, share it. It says that you are a valuable resource, too.

3) Inject some humor.
If you have a sense of humor at all, there is someone on Twitter who will appreciate it. Even if it's quirky, it's a very easy way to reveal who you really are without making yourself vulnerable or saying too much. My sense of humor is a little different, but I have a number of Twitter friends who laugh and some whose off color humor makes me laugh. It makes tweeting more enjoyable, and those particular individuals more memorable.

4) Answer others' questions. When you can't think of anything to tweet, start reading others' tweets. Be helpful and maybe start a conversation with someone who you don't know so well...yet :-)

5) Break all the rules and just let your thoughts spill out. Every now and then you have to go a little crazy. When life spills out, let your tweets spill out.!!! Ever felt that way? When you feel that way, tweet that way. It lets everyone know that you are real, genuine, and not just someone trying to blast their own marketing messages.

6) Sprinkle some Ascii art on your tweets.
When you only have a few short words, make them stand out with a little Ascii art! These kind of tweets also provide bright spots in what can look like a very boring profile page or tweet feed.

You can either say,

Goodnight, Twitterville :-)


Nite all! {-_-} ZZZzz zz z...

Both of them work, but one grabs my attention and makes me remember the tweeter behind it. Get one-line Ascii art for Twitter here.

7) Stand out with special HTML characters.
Another cool trick you can use to spice up an otherwise boring tweet is to add html "dingbats" to your messages. Add stars, flowers, and even airplanes to your expressions!

☛☛☛ Copy and paste these html special characters here ☚☚☚

Twitter is a surprisingly effective way of communicating with both friends and complete strangers to foster relationships for fun and profit. That's why so many people are there; it's fun, challenging, and most of all, effective. Say more with less, and have a good time doing it!

By the way, if you don't already, follow me on Twitter to see how I put these tips into practice :-)

To your continued success,

I.C. Jackson


  1. Salzanos said...
    Again I have found your posts interesting and usable to me! I have marked you squidoo post on the little art things for twitter for future use!!

    I.C. Jackson said...
    Thanks for the love, Salzanos!
    Eb the Celeb said...
    Thx for the tops... I just joined twitter 2 week ago so I appreciate the tips
    @iwikiphone said...
    Very Interesting, really.. Thanks a lot!!

    M. said...
    Actually, the inane high ASCII characters make you look like a 12-year old girl, because no one else is clueless enough to use them.
    opal s said...
    very very interesting.... i always feel like...i'm tweeting to myself. hm.
    Pamela Mathis said...
    Tips I can use. I am working on my vulnerability.

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